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"These things get me everywhere I need to be and some places I wish I couldn’t get to! "


Being as how I live 1/2 mile from Lake of the Woods near Warroad, MN, I have had a great many chances to test the J-Wheelz on the lake in all sorts of conditions. Last winter we had a great deal of snow on the lake which I was able to navigate through very well with my J-Wheelz. As with any type of traction device, the J-Wheelz still need something to grab onto. Towards spring we had a warm spell that made the lake very slushy with over a foot of slush and more in places. I was still able to get around out there even when other ATVs were stuck and pushing along with snowmobiles as well. I ended up helping several atvs get back to the road and even a few snowmobiles.

Everything has its limits but what I have found with my J-Wheelz is that they are very superior to just tires and almost as good as tracks in some conditions but better in some also. Overall, the ease in removal and install makes these the best add-on I have ever come across for my atv for the price. And customer service has been far better than I have ever had up to now. The only down fall I can see with my J-Wheelz is being they are so fun to explore with is that I do at times get myself in spots that no one should be going and end up winching myself out of nomans land. LOL...

- Rusty, MN



J-wheelz work very well in deep snow. I found that when you cannot go forward anymore you can still back away and not be stuck in the snow. We used them to haul wet new born calves through the snow and into the barn last winter when we couldn't get to the calves with a 4 wheel drive pick-up because of the deep snow and mud. I would recommend them to my neighbors and friends.”

- Norman, SD


My J-wheelz just keep going and going. They have been dubbed "The Gladiators" by most of the guys in my duck camp.  After a hard freeze last season I was able to transport all of the gear and two guys out to the blind without a problem. Once we got out there breaking up the ice was easily accomplished by riding my four wheeler around the blind pocket. These are by far one of the best accessories I have purchased for my four wheeler.

- Bruce, LA


Received my J-Wheelz yesterday, happy that no hardware was missing, easy installation. Tried them today, I must say, I'm somewhat impressed. There's still 2 to 3 feet of snow on my property and I drove all over even in the woods, the tires sink but when those wheels hit the snow I just keep going. It will be next winter before I can try them in different kinds of snow.

- Roger, NB Canada


There is a rancher in Chaffee that loves them!

- Ryan, ND


I’ve had the J-Wheelz for couple months now and love them. I have a 2006 Sportsman 800 with 28x12 swamp fox plus tires, 1" spacers, Epi clutch kit, and Suppertrapp mudslinger exhaust. I purchased the J-wheelz for better flotation in mud and for snow this winter. They work great. In deep mud, flooded roads, and winter snow, I won't get caught without my J-Wheelz!

- Lane, MN


We purchased a set of J-wheelz in the first part of May 2010 and put the wheels on a 300 Honda to aid us in getting access to swampy areas. I have been in the surveying field for over 50 years and always try to keep on the cutting edge of new products.

With our use so far, I want you to know how happy we are with them. The installation is easy and quick and the instructions are done very well. Removal and reinstalling doesn't take any time at all. For the money you can't beat them. I have recommended them to several people who might have an application for the wheels.

- Ernest, MN


The J-wheelz are now mounted on the ATV. They work great. Looking forward to testing them on snow. Thank you very much for the excellent service.

- Per, Norway


The wheels are great!  I can now flup flup flup thru the muskeg without too much worry.  My biggest concern is I can now go where none of my friends can follow and I run the risk of being very far out in the bush alone if I do get stuck.  I did put the wheels thru their paces in both muskeg and cedar swamp.  I only had to winch once while testing and that was a hole that was more water than mud. I do plan on adding a dead man and a couple of land mats to complete the package. 

As tested, my stock sportsman 500 hauled myself and roughly 300lbs of gear with ease.  That's over 500lbs probably closer to 600 with the winch and cargo boxes etc on the bike.  I even was able to haul pallets out to the holes that concerned me. I am very happy with the performance of the product and your customer service.

- Jeff, MI


The ride to the cabin used to take about 5 hours and we would have to winch out 3 different times. Now that we got J-wheelz, the trip took 2 hours and we did not have to use the winch once.

- Doug, AK


Life as an oilfield instrument mechanic in Alberta,Canada is awesome thanks to J-wheelz! The J-wheelz for muskeg were unbelievable. I had to turn around and pull a tracked unit out of a hole that I just drove through with my little Honda. Sure felt huge on that day. I can't wait for the muskeg to unfreeze for round two, but there are snow drifts to climb in the meantime!  

- Scott, AB Canada


I got my J-wheelz for ice fishing and I love them. They work just as described. I could go about 30% of where I want to go before J-wheelz. I can now go about 90% of where I want to go. That makes it worth the money.

- Hamp, SD


I am thrilled with my J-wheelz. I took these things through  a bottomless bog on my hunting land and they rolled right along. At one point I stopped and tried to get off, but I had to climb back on because I could not find the bottom! Now that I have ridden them, I am getting a second set for my fathers machine.

- Randy, MN


Should have had my camera last time I took my J-wheelz out to set up stands. I went through a slough bottom my brother had to go around. It didn't even hesitate in mud that was about 4 ft deep with water on top.

- Mark, FL


I love them! I wanted to let you know that I just purchased a set of J-wheelz from my dealer who introduced me to your product. I think you are on to something truly worthy for 4-wheelers. You can be assured that I’m gonna do some selling for you just by the people that have seen me going through the swampy areas over here!!!!!!!!!

- Kurt, IA


I wanted to let you know our thoughts on the J-wheelz on the 6 wheel ranger.  We did not find any mud that would even slow it down.  I was pretty impressed that I did not have to use the winch.  There is no question….they work awesome.  The best part was the shallower ruts.  The farmers are pretty particular about deep ruts in the fields and we did not receive any complaints.  By the way, it looks awesome with them on!  Thanks again for the great product!

- Michael, SD


We use our J-Wheelz for surveying (we do surveying and topographical mapping for drain tiling projects amongst other things) so we are in the worst of the worst most of the time.  I can’t even count the amount of work we have gotten done this summer that would have been too wet or muddy to do without the J-Wheelz.  These things get me everywhere I need to be and some places I wish I couldn’t get to!  The fact that they are there when you need them and don’t touch the ground when you don’t is great.  We save wear & tear on our atv (as opposed to running tracks) as we are on the roads at times.

Truly a great product and design, backed by outstanding customer service!  These things get me everywhere I need to be and then some!

- Adam, MN


We have been really happy with our J-wheelz. They make our Polaris 500s go when the going gets tough. We mostly use them in the snow and they allow us to run later into the fall and winter before switching to tracked machines. We stay on them as long as we can because they allow us to travel at faster speeds than tracks. They won't replace a track wheeler or snowmobile, but they do allow us to travel when regular wheels won't. And the best thing about them is that they only take minutes to install. We've had great service from the guys at the company, they're always friendly and ready to help. Thanks for everything!!

- Charlee and Erle, WY


J-wheelz are working great! In the Marine Construction business, we couldn't do what we are doing without them. We have them on 2 Rubicons. Installation was easy. Have not had an issue. The material we are working on now is slop. The Rubicon is great, but heavy. When it hits slop, it buries to the axles. With the J-wheelz, we have not had to use the winch yet. We are totally satisfied with our J-wheelz experience. The product is great, you guys are great.  Thank you!

     - Jim, M&N Environmental, AL


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