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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What are J-wheelz?

    J-wheelz are an attachment for ATVs, UTVs and 6-wheel vehicles that bolt on to your existing wheels and increase their width to provide more traction and flotation.  See our Product Info Page for more detailed information

  • Why do I need J-wheelz? 

    J-wheelz primary purpose is to add traction and increase surface area in soft terrain while remaining free of contacting firm terrain. This helps maintain steering and top speed capabilities of the machine as well as extends the life of the product by not adding unnecessary wear. J-wheelz are a simple and cost effective way to increase the capacity of your machine. We have hunters and ice fishermen, farmers and ranchers, recreational riders and businesses using J-wheelz to get more out of their machines.

  • What are they made of? 

    J-wheelz are made of several innovative materials that keep the product lightweight and make them extremely durable. Check out our durability video where we prove J-wheelz can handle anything you want.
    Here are some of the highlights:

      • Impact resistant copolymer – similar to plastics used in automotive bumpers for impact rebound.
      • Closed cell EPS Foam – durable, lightweight, and will never absorb water.
      • Rubberized traction blades which are flexible and replaceable.

  • Will J-wheelz make my ATV float? 

    A set of 4 J-wheelz will add 310 lbs of additional flotation to whatever machine they are installed on. Additionally, adding the flotation out wide helps to improve stability in flotation situations. The added flotation provided by J-wheelz meets the requirements of Dane County Wisconsin. Each rider is responsible to check their individual situation to determine if full flotation is possible.

  • Will J-wheelz fit my ATV?

    J-wheelz are designed to fit 24” and larger tires and installation kits are available for most ATV's, UTV's and 6x6 machines as well as Argo/Max utility vehicles. For more information contact J-wheelz or see our Fitment Guide.

  • Can J-wheelz handle cold temperatures?
    J-wheelz are are rated to temperatures down to 20 below Fahrenheit.

  • Do J-wheelz have a warranty? 

    J-wheelz come with a 90 day limited product warranty.  If you would like to read our limited warranty, please click here.

  • How do I install them?

    Installation is simple and takes about 10 minutes.  Click here to watch a video of the installation process.

  • What if I puncture my J-wheelz?

    J-wheelz consist of a closed cell marine grade foam which will never take on water and is not susceptible to puncture.

  • I have custom hubs; will J-wheelz hurt them?

    No. J-wheelz bolt onto your existing lug nuts and the ‘tire side’ of J-wheelz consists of marine grade foam which is a soft but durable product which will not scratch your hubs.

  • This idea is so simple, why didn’t I think of it?

    Good question. We don’t have an answer.

  • How do I become a dealer for J-wheelz?

    J-wheelz has a growing dealer network and is open to all dealer requests. Simply fill out the Dealer Information Form and send it in to us and we will get in contact with you.



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